Sunday, 10 March 2013

What is MLM and why many people join it

MLM = Multi Level Marketing

It's is a company that usually pay a certain amount of money to their members as the basis of their referrals and surveys. Probably, some companies pay to its members as per surveys and some pay as per referrals and some by other system like bank transfer and money circulation.

You will have heard the name of Speakasiaonline and ramsurvey if you are an Indian. 
Both the companies were very great. These companies made some people rich and some poor. But soon they turned to scam. A news channel named star news claimed on speakasiaonline and since then speakasia could not rise.

              The people who invested money in the starting of the business earned a lot of money but on the other hand who invested after a long term lost all the money they had. It is a truth that we shall have to accept.

            Secret of MLM >> Binary is the success in every mlm business. The more referral you make, the more money you will earn. You will have to work harder and harder. 

            Reality of MLM business >> Every and each mlm business runs for a short time. If you would depend entirely upon it,  you are about go to rack and ruins.  I advice everyone that they should invest their money after a long inquiry or self satisfaction. Bcoz the time which is gone, is  gone forever. And as all of us know that "Time is money"


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